Palma de Mallorca – Spain’s Hidden Beaches & Cycling Paradise

Recently I had the opportunity to visit Mallorca for 11 days to cycle the island and explore its full glory. Hands down my first impression is this a must visit for anyone planning on visiting the Europe Mediterranean coast. The island’s focus is hospitality and tourism. Mallorca tends to be busy for 6-8 months and then closes for the winter. The beaches are impeccable, and pictures don’t do justice.  Road cycling is a dream, and explains why all the professional cyclists visit the island to train.


The area where I stayed for most of my visit is called Alcudia along the northeastern coast of the island. Nothing in the area but hotels, cycling shops, and different independent small bars. The areas to visit and stay instead is Port of Alcudia, Port Soller, or the big city Palma. Port Alcudia is the busier side of Alcudia city. There, you will find restaurants and cafes right on the water. This tended to be our night getaway area from the cycling. It costs 6 euros for a cab from central Port Alcudia.


Port de Soller is a beautiful beach in the lower valley of the mountainous region in the NW of the island. There you will find various restaurants, shops, and cafes to visit. Through the town, there is also a trolley that goes in between towns that allows you to ride along the coast. Looking up, you see mountains and the winding roads leading to the valley’s basin.


Palma is the spot to be for the most movement on the island, and here you will find everything. Note that depending on your tastes, there are various tourist dedicated areas. For example, the area where we stayed for one night was called Les Meravelles most of the German community thrives here. If you like beer, pork, and soccer, then hop on over to the crowed arena and visit the Megapark Komplex Mallorca, which is an essentially mega bar to watch all soccer games. The festivities continue here late into the morning without any breaks.


Magaluf, located on the west side of the island, is the area were the locals tend to party and frequent.  It’s their “mini Ibiza” without the three and half hour boat ride over. Here is where you will find all the best clubs and bars the island offers. If you do choose to go to Ibiza, be sure to just book an EasyJet plane ride. It’s only a 40-min plane ride over and costs roughly 56 euros if you book in advance roundtrip.


In conclusion, I must say Mallorca is a must place to visit. The only drawback I found is the long flight from MCO (Orlando, FL) it takes to get there…13 hours to be exact including our layovers. If that doesn’t bother you, then book your trip and GET THERE NOW.  I would.

Be sure to check out the video montage of the trip below

Till next Time


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