Spirit – The Budget Airline Experience

On my recent trip to St. Thomas US Virgin Islands I decided to pull the plug and book my flight with Spirit Airlines ($SAVE) to see what the hype was about this low-cost airline. My first thoughts were pleasant. The cabin offers plenty of room throughout and decent leg room, even in the coach seating. Myself being tall at 6ft 2 flights tend to be a drag for me. Spirit offers plenty of legroom with about a palm size cap left in between even for me. The seats I will say are horrible. I understand that by taking the adjustability aspect saves space but sitting on a plastic board tacked on with fake leather with little to no padding isn’t right. 

Spirit saves on cost by offering only the minimum requirements their flights and they charge for EVERYTHING, I wouldn’t be surprised if in the future they start charging for bathroom usage like in Europe. The snacks and drinks offering is quite good and at reasonable prices, however I don’t understand how the airline offers even high end cocktails and drinks but not a better cabin atmosphere. If I’m going to enjoy a nice drink I expect to be at least seat comfortable. On the other hand, if you want to get thrashed then Spirit needs to offer less high end drinks at better prices. For example, Spirit offers Sutter Home wines with an airline like this you would expect a yellow tail or barefoot products. Spirit you can’t be both a low cost and high quality supplier. 

In conclusion, I would recommend taking a Spirit short flight if it’s at least between 20-15% less from the other major airlines prices. If it’s less of a discount and quite a long flight I wouldn’t recommend it. If you are going to consume drinks and snacks consider stopping in at the convenience stores or duty free inside the terminal before boarding. My advice stick to Spirit if the flight is less than 3 hours and the price is right. If you decide on taking the flight for any longer period than may your soul have a brave spirit.


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