Wi-Fi & Cellular Data For those that can’t live without – Havana, Cuba

The biggest question everyone usually asks that lives in the 21st century when travelling to distant places “Can I get internet?”. Well for those that can’t live without it I have a solution for you when traveling to Cuba.

Let me start by clarifying even though AT&T claims on their site that they don’t provide service in Cuba I managed to get service there. As soon as I attempted to connect and take my phone off airplane mode my phone connected through showing CUBACELL as the provider. I’m sure other cellular carries would work as well, the only US carrier that I found that listed Cuba as an option was T-Mobile.

Getting Wi-Fi in Havana is the easy part. All major hotels offer the service by buying an internet card which range from 1.50 CUC to 5 CUC for an hour of use. Be warned though everyone gathers outside the hotels at night, both locals and tourist trying to connect. If you need to use internet I would advise using it earlier in the day to avoid the congested network traffic. I only saw one free spot near Hotel Plaza, but was unable to connect due to the overwhelming traffic.

I heard this rumor of the possibility of using Verizon through a hack from a friend. Apparently if you have the opportunity you can drive to Castro’s old compound in the marina to connect to a Verizon tower. You won’t be charged an abroad usage fees and the connection works throughout Havana if the phone stays connected. He apparently did this and could use it the whole trip talking and calling people back home, this happened earlier last year.

Fore warning, I did not attempt this hack so I can NOT confirm the hack



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