Global Entry & TSA PreCheck – Traveling Experience


I recently applied for Global entry right before my trip to Cuba and I must say I’m very pleased with the results. Traveling whether abroad or at home saves time and stress from waiting in those long security checkpoints. To properly conduct a test, I decided it would be best to have a race to the gate from the bag checking desk. I have global entry and my fellow traveler does not. Off the gate he got a head start since a JetBlue representative moved him to another line. I was already going to be seen next and Mikey was further behind me. We started the clock when either one of us had reached the desk. By the time I finished checking in he was already going through the security checkpoint. Mikey at this point was roughly one to two minutes ahead. When I arrived at my security gate there was a small number of people and between one and two families. It’s odd for families to get Global Entry since each and every member must be vetted through the program. Busy day at the airport at 8:00 am so I’m assuming it was just TSA trying to get things moving along by bumping people into other lines. Well, things went smoothly without the need to take your shoes off and going right through the scanners makes the process much more efficient. Once I finished all of security I was already at past 9 minutes without any sign of Mikey. Got on the tram and walked to the gate. From the checking desk to the gate took me exactly 12:58 minutes to arrive at the gate, Mikey arrived much later at 23:26 minutes. On the way, back from Cuba the Global Entry shinned. I was the only person in the global entry other than the flight crew. Timing again was just as quick as leaving. I passed through security within 10:25 minutes and Mikey after 19 minutes.

Obtaining Global Entry is simple you can apply on their website and wait for a decision and afterwards schedule an interview. The cost out of pocket for the program is $100 dollars and comes with both TSA PreCheck and Global Entry for 5 years. If you have American Express platinum or Chase Sapphire Reserve Preferred, they both waive the $100 application fee. My suggestion is you apply for one asap. Gaining an interview can take up to two months after initial application approval. I got mine within a month because someone had canceled their interview and I managed to get that spot. The card then arrives in the mail within 2 weeks.






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