Cuba/USA Customs

In this post I will be discussing on what your limits are and how to go about bring goods back into the states. I will be discussing the limits of cigars, rum, and other souvenirs on my trip.


Nothing beats a great Cuban they said. Let me first advise that I would try to avoid purchasing Cohiba, Montecristo, and other big name cigars. There a lot of places that sell fake relabeled cigars for higher prices than normal. Note as well every Cuban has a cousin, aunt, father, etc. that works at the cigar factory. Do not buy any from unknown stores or off the streets, even then always do your label research to confirm authenticity. I would recommend instead focusing on other brands, purchasing regional limited edition cigars instead, or straight from the plantation. I went two hours away from Havana to Vinales where I purchased unlabeled cigars for less than $4 dollars a stick. The limit to bring cigars into the US is 100 cigars or a total value of $800 dollars duty free. *Note there is no such thing as an unlimited amount as most channels of news are describing, surpassing the limit will impose and import tax on the goods*. 

On a side note enjoy this little history of the greatness of Cuban cigars and JFK presidency stories.


Similar to the cigars rum is not unlimited and only personal consumption limits imply. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) will allow you to enter the U.S. with up to five liters of alcohol duty-free as part of your $1,600 exemption. Good rum can be purchased in Cuba anywhere ranging from $3-5 a bottle at local stores throughout the city. All stores have roughly the same price so no need to shop around, even the airport sells the rum for the same as in Havana.

My Personal Experience

I personally brought well over the limit of cigars. In my luggage alone I had over 100 plus cigars, 4 bottles of rum, and two large bags of coffee. Arrival went smoothly without any issues.


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