Cuba – Getting there before the Rush

It took forever, but its about time. I finally managed to book my trip to Cuba which will be happening on the 27th of January. In this blog post I will be discussing how you are able to get out there and visit this beautiful country before the borders are wide open to US citizens. I will be discussing where to stay and airfare arrangements in this post.

Step 1 – The Route getting there

You have two choices you can make.

  1. Either fly directly from an US airport (cheapest and easiest route)
  2. Fly to neighboring country such as Bahamas or Mexico and grab a flight from there (most expensive and complicated).

If you choose to go with step one be aware a visa is required in order to do so. Even if you have a passport from a different country, if you are flying in an American airline these rules apply. I paid $110 shipped to my house which took about a week to arrive, expedited options are available for additional cost.

*Update Jetblue now sells visas for $50 at the gate if you are traveling for less than 30 days*

Benefits – Visa is for lifetime of the passport and allows constant travel to Cuba

Yes its just a piece of paper you fill out

I recommend this route if you plan on revisiting the country with the added benefit taking advantage of the ridiculous cheap airfare cost currently in affect. I paid $138 roundtrip for my airfare.

Perfect inexpensive weekend getaways

Step 2 can get complicated. You will need to book a flight leaving the states to a nearby country. The example I used was Mexico flight round trip from MCO (Orlando, FL) routing to HAV (Havana, Cuba) was $275. In this route you will be need to purchase a Tourist Card at the routing hub in Mexico City which costs $15 dollars.

Step 2 – Stay

Normally I would indicate a hotel at this point, but the prices in Havana are absurd. The hotels recommend are the Nacional and the NH Capri. Even booking in advance these hotels will cost you between $250 and up if you are lucky, last I checked it was $350 a night at the national. Instead what I recommend is getting an Airbnb. Not only will you be helping a Cuban citizen, but you will also experience the true Cuban lifestyle. Airbnb prices range from $60 and up for a whole place in Old Havana. I managed to get one for my whole stay an apartment in Old Habana for $214.

Best of Luck and Safe Travels



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